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High resilience foam compound (leisure sofa cushion)

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High resilience foam compound (HR foam compound)


Cold curing high resilience foam (HR foam) is a new type of high-grade polyurethane soft foam. Its excellent production technology and physical properties have been widely used in automobile, furniture and other fields instead of ordinary heat curing soft foam.

In the field of high rebound foam compound (HR foam compound), after years of research and experiment, Henry developed the product service: the formula is mature, the processing technology is simple, the physical properties of products are good, the flame retardancy is good, the production equipment is not very demanding, and the production process is easy for workers to manipulate.

Since the launch of the market, because of the simple processing, formula is extremely mature; therefore, it is widely used in mattress, high-grade furniture and automobile seat cushion processing, has been widely used, by customers.

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